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Use Cases

Example products, material, and type of containers that can be monitored in real-time.

SUPPLYZ optimises and automates processes wherever products or materials are being used, or where materials need to be readily available and replenished in time. Additional sensor data (i.e. temperature, humidity, vibrations) sets new standards in quality management. Tracking and tracing your assets brings your operational processes into the digital world.


We are interested in hearing about your specific use case!


Coffee beans as an exxample of a consumer good

Kitchen Pantry Products

Personalised Coffee Subscription

Personalised Protein Subscription

Zero-Waste Grocery Delivery

Household Items

Health & Fitness Tracking

Cold & Frozen Food Delivery

Pet Food Subscription

Smart Kitchen Integration

Expiration Date Tracking


Screws as an example for an industry product

Stainless Steel Containers

Storage Container Systems

Additive Manufacturing

Construction Materials

Medical Materials

Dangerous Goods

Continuous Cooling Chains

Industrial Supermarkets

Office Material Subscription

Automatic Material Reorders


Trees and a round about as an example for circular economies

Reusable Storage Containers

Real-Time Data Sharing

Loss and Waste Prevention

Asset Tracking

Circular Services

Supply Chain Transparency

Efficiency Improvements

Reusable Materials

Recycling Information

Lifetime Management

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