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Who We Are

Our vision is to make reusable packaging more convenient and economical than one-way packaging.

Felix Wassmann - Co-Founder & CEO

Fabian Oberndorfer - Co-Founder & CTO

Isaac Kargar - Co-Founder & CIO

SUPPLYZ Team consisting of Felix Wassmann, Fabian Oberndorfer, and Isaac Kargar

Meet the Team

Each member of our team brings unique skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table

Example PCB prototyping

Our Mission

Data for the circular economy.

We provide the infrastructure to track & trace goods in real-time. We do this to to reduce waste along the supply chain and therefore save cost.

We love technology but are motivated by the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to ensure responsible production & consumption, industry & infrastructure innovation, and sustainable cities. We are developing technology that makes it irresistable for industries and consumers to switch to more sustainable processes.

Core Values


We combine state of the art sensor technology with machine learning  to create value.


We have an international team and promote diversity and inclusion.


Our technology is connected anywhere and is simple to use by anyone.

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