Make reorders easy.
Are acquisition costs increasing?

You want to focus on repeat customers rather than increasing marketing spend

Subscriptions could be the answer...

But the experience is often disappointing

~50% of customers cancel within 3 to 6 months

Introducing SUPPLYZ

Turn customers into happy subscribers

A container that knows how full it is!

Easy Conversions
SUPPLYZ + Your Product
One-time Setup
Easy Reorders
Customer Engagement
Happy Customers

Your customers no longer have to chose between deliveries every 2, 3, 4, or 5 weeks. Let SUPPLYZ calculate the ideal next delivery date

Bundle and ship your products together with the SUPPLYZ container to your customers

Your customers just connect SUPPLYZ with their WiFi, and they are ready to go

The airtight container keeps products fresh longer while being luxurious in style and use

SUPPLYZ calculates the next delivery date. No pausing or adjustments necessary! Let your customers over indulge or go on holidays, without having to worry

Add more interactive data to your app by showing customers how much of your products they have left in their SUPPLYZ container at home

Convenience and high quality smart containers become your competitive advantages

Repeat purchases have never been this easy.

Supply[z] Chain Efficiency

Market Intelligence

SUPPLYZ' data and predictability allow you to plan your business and avoid supply chain disruptions

Sustainable Packaging

No wasteful packaging as the consumer will use the product in the SUPPLYZ container

International Expansion

Shipping times are no longer an obstacle. Expand into new markets with your existing setup

Lower Shipping Costs

Pack the product replenishments, so they fit in the mailbox instead of an expensive parcel

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