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Acoustic digital twin data

AI-powered sensor to bring your physical assets into the digital realm

Modular Sensors

Track any Objects or Materials

AI Powered Risk Management



SUPPLYZ smart storage container examples for real-time inventory management

What We Offer

As resources are becoming scarce and more expensive, we provide industrial and consumer solutions to digitalise the entire storage and inventory process. Digital supply chains increase revenue by up to 8% and decrease costs by up to 7%.

Why Choose SUPPLYZ

Cutting Edge Data Analytics

Sensor data generates vast amounts of data. Don't get lost in databases but use the SUPPLYZ AI powered analytics to turn your data into value.

Automation and
Quality Assurance

Automate your processes based on reliable real-time inventory data. Avoid logistical bottlenecks, track your assets, and guarantee quality with accurate sensor data.

Durable, High Quality Materials

Our carefully sourced materials and components can operate in tough conditions and ensure continuous usage to maximise your ROI.

Efficient and Reusable

You want to use reusable packaging in manufacturing and distribution? Get the most value and cost-saving features by being able to track and trace reusable storage containers.

Modular for Different Use Cases

Problems to Solve

“60% of the inventory records are likely to be wrong at any point in time, and when they are corrected, this study has shown a sales growth of 4-8%”

Inventory inaccuracy in retailing

Checkpoint Systems

"It's data that drives resilient  and sustainable supply chains, ensuring supply chains are equipped for future disruptions and evolving challenges"

Innovation Editorial


Digital technologies are an enabler for the upscaling of the circular economy as they allow to create and process data and information required for circular business models and the complex demands of circular supply chains

White Paper ECERA

European Circular Economy Research Alliance

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Partners

Microsoft for startups programm
CyberLab Accelerator Karlsruhe
XPRENEURS Incubator Munich
Munich Global Impact Sprint
Technical University of Munich TUM
SUPPLYZ PCB prototype


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